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    Vanetta K3 & B3 through the FAMI-QS 2017 annual audit

    Published:2017-04-21 10:34:33

    FAMI-QS (European feed additives and pre mixed feed quality system), is the EU authorities with the EU regulations 183/2005 EC 1831/2003 EC feed, 178/2002EC, carried out by FEFANA (European feed additives manufacturers association) to set up FAMI-QS Asbl, the European Union to develop operating norms on feed additives and premixtures producers, for compulsory certification in the premix and feed additives to carry out, it is a tool to comply with EU feed hygiene regulations.

    Every year FAMI-QS will be certified enterprises,MIANYANG VANETTA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD & MIANYANG VANETTA PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD,to conduct a surveillance audit.