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    YHCC Summary of the work of the company in 2017

    Published:2017-12-29 09:52:01

    In his report, Zhou Zhongtian pointed out that in the past 2017, under the strong leadership and support of the district committee and the district government, the company unswervingly carried out the new development concept and adhered to both norms and development. We should pay equal attention to innovation and risk prevention, implement innovation-driven development strategy in depth, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and better fulfill the annual budget economic targets, and the quality and efficiency of development will be continuously improved. The new chromium salt industry upgrade version was initially completed, the quality of industrial development continued to optimize, the level of comprehensive management continued to improve, the standardization of the party building work advanced in depth, successfully took the first step of industrial transformation and upgrading. "it has achieved a steady and good economic development," Zhou said, as he analyzed in depth the current development situation facing the company. We should grasp the domestic chromium salt industry is gradually forming a front-end capacity supply to determine the back-end industry extension of the development pattern of the positive trend, continuous consolidation and upgrading of cleaner production technology advantage, capacity advantage. Environmental protection management advantages, unswervingly implementing the big chromate strategy, firmly grasp the important opportunity to move towards a higher development platform and the important opportunity to enlarge the function of state-owned capital in the field of chromium resources. Non-operational assets have a large volume, asset structure, management structure is not reasonable, comprehensive talent, lack of skilled personnel and other problems.

    Zhou Zhongtian stressed when arranging and deploying the tasks of 2018, 2018. The company will be guided by Xi Jinping's socialist economic thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era and promote the reform in a down-to-earth manner. Innovation and development. Under the environment of limited growth of traditional chromium salt business, grasp the development trend of the industry, accelerate the extension and expansion of chromium series peripheral industries, increase the intensity of technology research and development. Actively cooperate with the construction of high and new technology industry park of chromium resources, cultivate new kinetic energy, speed up the implementation of the strategy of big chromium salt, deeply study, publicize and implement the 19 spirit of the party, and further promote the standardization construction of "four synchronization, four integration, two bashing accounts" We should conscientiously carry out the "party-led economy" throughout the management work and ensure that party organizations at all levels give play to the "direction and overall situation" in the practice of production, operation, and reform and development. To ensure the implementation of "role. Solid promotion of key areas and key links of management reform, constantly release management vitality. OA office system as an opportunity to vigorously optimize the management process." Optimization management to enhance efficiency. Strengthen the cost of standard analysis, in the process of standard analysis to find gaps, dig potential, cost control into a new competitiveness, focus on strengthening the main materials one-stop direct procurement. We should continue to optimize and enhance the supply support ability, implement the reform of human resources and salary management, continue to strengthen the construction of talents, and establish and improve the mechanism of excellent selection of managers in order to continuously promote the management reform. Maximize the stimulation and release of the company's new vitality of innovation and development.