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    The District General Union Express Solicitude to Frontline Workers

    Published:2018-08-20 10:16:25
    The temperature has reached the highest peak this year, the Anzhou District General Union concern is solicitous about the living and working conditions of the frontline workers. On August 10th, Fan Qiongqiang and Liu Qiang, the leaders of the General Union visited YHCC, expressed their solicitude to the frontline workers. The CEO of YHCC Zhou Zhongtian and CHO Li Hongwu joined the visit.

    The leaders visited the production site to comprehend the worker`s living and working conditions. During the conversation with frontline workers, Fan Qiongqiang asked the worker`s health status and working status, expressed his respect for their dedication, exhorted that they should be aware of the working safety, wear the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) properly. Gifted them heat stroke prevention medicines, drinks, and fans.